Jon Goldhill


Managing Director and Founder of Zanran

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Armed with a PhD in Chemistry as well as an MBA from London Business School, Jon has over 25 years of extensive experience in running and managing technology startups – which he thoroughly enjoys. 

Prior to the construction of Zanran, Jon worked alongside Co-Founder, Yves Dassas in the fast-moving telecoms arena, where he and Yves built one profitable business after another. Their two largest telecoms businesses were sold in 2003-4.

Since that time Jon has both acted as a business angel, where he has invested in a handful of early stage tech firms, and started his own new technology ventures - with Zanran being the most recent.

Aside from his exploits in technology, Jon’s other interest is education; for many years he was Chair of Governors of a primary school in London, and he had previously taught (pro bono) at a sixth-form college, instructing in real-world financial matters.

Outside of the realm of academia and business, Jon is an avid lover of hill-walking and rock scrambling.

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Yves Dassas


Director and Founder of Zanran

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Yves holds a PhD in Electrochemistry from Columbia University in New York, as well as a degree in Chemical Engineering from Brussels. Based upon his scientific background and love of technology, Yves has developed a fascination with and understanding of computer-vision and machine learning.

Yves was born in the Congo where he spent a happy childhood discovering the beauty of Africa and the culture of the Congolese people. Wanting to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams in the technology sector, Yves moved from Belgium to the UK in 1994 where he met the other co-founder of Zanran, Jon Goldhill, with whom he has built a number of successful businesses.

After Jon and Yves sold their main telecom businesses back in 2003-2004, Yves took two years’ sabbatical to study a number of emerging technologies and ideas: the mathematics of number theory and group theory, as well as the more practical advances in machine learning and image processing.

When not involved in study, business or family, Yves is a free spirit by nature and enjoys reading and upholding a demanding Buddhist meditation practice. He maintains a ‘can do’ attitude and believes that nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it.

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