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Viewing PDFs on mobile devices can become a painful and frustrating process due to a PDF’s fixed layout. The text and graphics can be made larger or smaller by zooming – but that’s all.

When you open a PDF on a mobile device, your device attempts to optimise the document for your viewing, but as the text in a PDF cannot word-wrap at the end of lines, you end up either with:

    • Tiny text that fits the whole document on the screen, or
    • Long lines of readable text which require horizontal scrolling to be read


Zanran’s PDF to Mobile converter has been developed to provide these benefits:

    • Screen adjusted text scaling or resizing
    • Proper text wrapping
    • Readable text



Zanran’s PDF to Mobile converter is particularly helpful for those who regularly read text-heavy documents such as academic articles, legal documents or case studies. Having clear and readable text is of utmost importance. Never again will you have to scroll backwards and forwards in an attempt to decipher and read your PDFs.

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