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Are you looking for automated data extraction software to accelerate your business’ PDF data processing operations?

When it comes to large scale data extraction tasks such as PDF to Excel, outsourcing companies and data processing firms can find this a significant problem. Much of the data you receive is likely to be located within tables in PDF files as they’re a primary format for professional documentation. PDFs are designed for reliable printing and viewing – not for machine processing.

As data extraction, management and processing are all standard day-to-day procedures for your firm, having an automated, scalable PDF extraction solution would allow your organisation to free up a massive amount of resource, reduce its costs significantly, and increase its operational capacity.

Zanran provides powerful, scalable PDF processing solutions which can aid your business’ data processing and content extraction through large-scale data extraction from PDF files. Some of the principal functionalities of Zanran’s solutions are:

  1. Automated table extraction from PDFs – to Excel
  2. Specific Data point extraction
  3. Clean text mining and extraction
  4. Converting PDF to XML (for machine-reading, human-reading and publishing)
  5. Converting PDF files to responsive HTML for viewing on mobile devices.

Zanran’s core technology utilises sophisticated computer-vision algorithms and machine learning to understand the layout of PDF files and bring structure to their unstructured format. Zanran’s software gives your business the ability to rapidly scale up its PDF processing capacity and streamline its operations through cheaper, automated content extraction.

Extract specific data

Extract Specific data.png

For outsourcing and data processing firms that regularly receive PDF files with tables that maintain a reasonably consistent format, having an automated PDF data extraction solution would enable them to reallocate their resource to other business critical areas.

Zanran’s PDF Data-Point Extraction technology provides that ability, by enabling you to specify and isolate the range of data you’re looking for using a pre-defined template. The tables containing the data range(s) are automatically extracted into Excel, then cross referenced with your defined parameters.

Scale up your PDF Processing Operations

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Zanran’s PDF solutions are designed with scalability in mind and are capable of being deployed in a cloud-based environment on hundreds of servers, and to millions of files. The software can drastically improve your PDF processing time and capacity through automation.

Clean and efficient text mining and extraction

Text Mining.png

Where you or your clients require textual data for analysis or further processing, Zanran’s technology enables clean extraction of the core text from PDF files - ignoring page numbers, graphs, charts, footnotes, and other elements which are not required.

View samples of extracted tables:

Extract tables from your PDF