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For financial publishers who regularly receive third party PDFs, it can be a complicated and time-consuming process to either extract content or to add value to the content.

Zanran’s software enables you to do both these things.


Extracting content

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Would it be helpful for your readers to be able to click on a table in a PDF and download it as Excel? See example

Would your readers like to be able to click on a paragraph in a PDF to download the text? Or click on a graph or chart to download it as an image to add into a report? See PDF Enhancer

Would it be helpful for you to be able to extract clean text without captions, footnotes or disclosures? See PDF to XML

Would it be helpful to automate the extraction of numerical data for entry into your  databases? See Data-point extraction

User analytics

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Zanran’s software enables you to gather detailed analytics on readers’ behaviour.  Zanran’s software can help you find out:

    • which pages are being read
    • which graphs and tables are being copied
    • what text is being copied

This can be for your benefit, allowing you to find out more about the value of individual authors, or for the authors’ benefit; an author (or his/her employer) might be keen to establish the extent to which their reports are read.

Please contact us to discuss ideas.

See how you can enhance

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Hovering over particular sections will show you the tables & graphs that Zanran's software has identified.  You can download the converted tables as Excel.

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