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PDFs are great at giving a reliable and consistent view of a document. However, due to their fixed-format, you lose the functionalities that you would find in a word-processed document. Processes which should be simple become time-consuming.

For example:

You cannot easily copy and paste text from a PDF; the copied text has line-breaks at the end of each line and these breaks need to be removed before pasting. You can’t copy & paste tables and retain the table layout; you can only copy one cell at a time.

Zanran’s PDF Enhancing technology allows users to see a normal PDF – where new functionality is built in as an extra layer to enhance PDFs:

    • click on a table and download it as Excel
    • click on a graphic or image and download it as a JPG
    • click on a paragraph and copy and paste the text without line-breaks


Here is how it works:


1. As you mouse hover over an enhanced PDF, relevant content is being highlighted

2. Click on the chosen item to view a contextual menu

3. The menu options make it easy to

  • Extract tables to Excel or CSV
  • Copy graphs, diagrams and tables
  • Email to colleagues
  • Annotate
  • Copy text 


Zanran’s PDF Enhancer technology removes the complications and limitations of traditional PDF files, empowering businesses who utilise PDF as their primary document format to extract and annotate information where and when they please. It saves time for end-users.

View samples of enhanced PDFs:

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