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Buried Data

Posted by Zanran News on 14-Oct-2016 17:33:00

This is about the amount of data that you won’t find normally – graphs and charts.

One of the reasons we originally got into PDFs was that the quality of the content – especially numeric content - was so high.  We were finding far less junk than on HTML pages.  I appreciate that this is necessarily a generalisation - no insult is intended to the producers of top-quality content in HTML.

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Topics: Data Extraction

Cloud-based PDF to Excel - review

Posted by Zanran News on 16-Mar-2016 14:03:00

If you’ve ever tried to copy a table from a PDF document, you’ll know it’s a pain.  You can only do so one cell at a time – which is very laborious.  However there are a lot of companies on the web that claim to be able to do ‘PDF to Excel’ processing – either cheaply or for free. 

We’ve reviewed these services to establish the quality of their technologies.

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Topics: Data Extraction