Casting checks - driven by artificial intelligence

Zanran aims to reduce the amount of slog for auditors checking annual reports and 10-K’s.  Our first product checks casting and cross-casting (US equivalent:  ‘footing’ and ‘cross-footing’) - automatically.


At present, numbers in tables are usually checked manually. 

The snapshot below is a view - in the PDF Workbench - of page 29 of the National Trust annual report, 2017.  It shows the totals, automatically, using a colour system:

 PDF Workbench - showing error in accounts

The two cells with the yellow background – on the right - are totals.  The cells with the pink background are potential errors.  Mouse-hovering over the pink cell is showing

 •  which numbers make up the total (the purple grid above)

 •  the calculation error – the numbers add up to 10,349 - not 10,359 as shown

For a more detailed introduction to the PDF Workbench, please watch the video, above.


 •  Faster to do checks and validate the totals

 •  Enables you to concentrate on more-complicated issues

 •  Greatly improves the chances of finding errors


 •  Scaleable - can be used by individual auditors or large teams

 •  Works in any European language (Icelandic to Russian)

 •  Can save archive version for future traceability

For a demonstration, please use the Contact Us pages