Zanran - for PDF processing

Zanran’s unique software ‘understands’ the layout of a PDF page – paragraphs, diagrams and tables

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Why use our software?

Our technology can help automate your PDF processing – especially content extraction. No other software starts with an understanding of the visual layout of each PDF page.

Who uses our software?

The companies who handle PDFs at scale - and find our software particularly useful – include:

Academic Publishers

Much academic material has been archived as PDFs, and many new manuscripts are submitted to publishers as PDFs. Yet PDFs are hard to work with - plenty of extraction work still needs to be done manually.

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Financial Publishers

For financial publishers who regularly receive third party PDFs, it can be a complicated and time-consuming process to either extract content – especially data from tables - or to add value to the content.

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For outsourcing companies and data extraction firms, having to extract content from PDFs can be both labour-intensive and slow. 

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About Us

We are a small techie team with an unfairly large number of PhDs between us. We’re based in Islington, north London, UK.

Our expertise is in building complex computer-vision software for PDFs.

Zanran’s first product is its data-search engine (
The PDF Scaffolder™ has been developed out of this technology.

Zanran is privately held by its two founders and three angel investors.

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